10 Games for Under $10

TK Johnson

TK Johnson

Customer Lifecycle Specialist

Any night can be game night, as long as you’ve got games to play. That little bit of wisdom is free. Games themselves, however, are not. Luckily, we’ve got a collection of low-cost board games for less than the cost of a pack of soda and a carry-out pizza! The virtual tabletop is for more than just RPGs, and these 10 games go to show just some of the unique ways you and your friends can play on Roll20.

Passing the Time | $4.99
Need a set of games to pass the time during your players’ tavern sessions? Look no further than Passing the Time, a virtual game closet that brings you 7 classic games, all fully integrated with our VTT!

Relics: A Game of Angels | $4.99
Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? Relics: A Game of Angels from Tin Star games explores the lives of angels walking among us and includes 78 individually illustrated tarot cards.

Succession | $4.99
(Cue energetic piano and strings)

Succession is a card game for 3+ players, with rules similar to Crazy 8s and Mau Mau, where you battle to ascend to the throne!

Gemso: Monster Battle | $7.99
Gemso is so light and quick that your players can finish a round while waiting for you to set up your session! Battle your friends on our virtual tabletop with movable tokens and a clean board - the player with the last monster standing wins!

Travelogue | $7.99
Traveloque is a collaborative world-building game for 1-4 players that can be run in 2 hours or less. Roll dice, draw maps, and tell stories with this family-friendly game about travel and discovery.

The Quiet Year | $8.99
Made famous because of its ease in building expansive settings with only 2-4 players, The Quiet Year is a post-apocalyptic map game played with a deck of cards. The Roll20 version comes with handouts, rules, and a card deck ready to go!

Yatzoid | $9.99
The classic dice game comes to Roll20 in the form of a card game powered by ROll20’s powerful API. It includes 36 unique cards and multiple game modes!

Zombie World | $9.99
Magpie Games’ Zombie World Core Box includes the rulebook, playmats, 110 cards, and multiple decks. Will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

One Last Fight | $9.99
ONE LAST FIGHT is a quick, GM-less game for 2-6 players where you are a heroic party preparing to battle your nemesis! This card-prompt dungeon crawl is sure to keep you on your toes!

Collateral Damage | $9.99
There are no heroes here! Collateral Damage is a fast-paced storytelling game about the normal people who dwell in the worlds of superheroes and action stars. Use Roll20’s rollable tables and Quantum Roller to save the day…or just stay alive!

Honorable Mention: Do Not Let Us Die In the Dark Night of this Cold Winter | $10.99
Cold Winter shrinks an entire winter down into a single session of resource management and environmental hazards. The Digital Box Set includes playmats, worksheets, decks of occurrence cards and all of the reference you need to give your players a one-shot survival game or a system-agnostic sidestory.

Eager to try a card game but new to the Card Decks system in the VTT? Check our Help Center for articles such as Handling Cards and Uploading Card Decks in Bulk to play card games like the ones mentioned in today’s article!

TK Johnson Customer Lifecycle Specialist

TK Johnson is a speculative fiction author, narrative designer, editor, and eldritch horror. They are also a cast member of the Roll20-sponsored comedy stream team, Indoor Recess, on the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch channel.