13th Age – Swords Against the Dead – Available Now!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Pelgrane Press returns with their incredible adventure, Swords Against the Dead, now converted for seamless play on Roll20!

About the adventure:

You suffer the rudest of awakenings when zombies crash through the walls of the inn, and battle is joined. But where do these shambling menaces arise – the misnamed Isle of Sanctuary, the strangely silent tower of Xuthana, or the Cliff Graves of the Demon Coast? And who or what raised this army of restless undead?

Swords Against the Dead is a quick-start adventure for 13th Age, the d20 fantasy game of battle, treasure and epic story telling. Grab a pre-generated character, decide your One Unique Thing, and get ready to fight for your life!

  • Six battle-ready maps complete with Dynamic Lighting & support for Advanced Fog of War.

  • Macros for all combat NPCs, for instant automatic rolls.

  • Beautiful statted token art for every character and monster

  • Six pre-gen characters, with variants, so your players can jump right in!

  • An adventure with multiple paths, broken out into easy handouts and folders for whatever direction the players go.

  • Designed for use with the official and recently updated 13th Age Character Sheet

You can find Swords Against the Dead in the Roll20 Marketplace!


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