2019 Quarter 2 Roadmap & Roll20 Community Roundtable

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


As we wrap up our initial “Roll20 Resolutions” for the start of the year, it’s time to start discussing our next updates.

First, up will be the fully-formed Bring Your Own Beat update. To better utilize your ability to upload your own music on Roll20, we’re adding multi-channel control with multiple tracks and playlists, an enhanced user interface, audio fading, and more. Pros can expect to start testing this feature set at the end of March, with a live date for all to follow.

Next, we’re gearing up for another Community Roundtable here at Roll20! Mark your calendars (and RSVP to our Twitch event) for: March 26 at 5:30pm Pacific Time.

We’ll open with a summary of both recent development and upcoming features. Then our team will open the floor to user questions - we want to hear from you! In an effort to deep dive into more advanced questions, we’re also giving the opportunity to send us questions in advance. PLEASE send your questions before this weekend, if you’d like a researched response during the Roundtable. We’ll also take questions from our live audience, and while we may not get to every question, we’ll do our best! If you miss the show, a VOD will be posted afterwards on the Roll20 YouTube channel.

The next update in development is__ Layer Up__ update, which should be on the Development Server for testing at the end of April. This will add a completely new layer to the virtual tabletop focused on weather effects. This layer will appear over the token layer, will support animations, has an “area of effect” for visibility changes, and can have hidden sections. And, because we know this question will come up, this will NOT be the only layer addition we have planned for the future– we’ll be using the Layer Up update to ensure more flexibility to how we render more advancements to the tabletop in the future.

In the background of these two major updates, we’ll also be laying groundwork for an improved Roll20 Marketplace experience with improved searching, a better payment user interface, and the eventual ability to sell music on the Marketplace. And, speaking of this in terms of the quarter, we’ve all missed The Orr Group Industry report which used to give a snapshot of games being played on Roll20; this got retired as the dataset became more confusing over time. Expect to see a newly revamped version of this report which offers a little bit more clarity in the coming months!

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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