3 Million User Update is now live!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Hello Rollers and welcome to our big 3 Million Users Update announcement!

We’ve just passed the 3 million user mark and decided to roll out a massive overhaul to many of our website and app’s feature as a celebration, but more importantly, as a THANK YOU to all of you who’ve gotten us here in the first place.

There’s a lot of meat to the update that went out yesterday, so let’s hunker down and walk you through the list, as we’re sure you’re dying to know the details.

First off, our brand new Roll20 Video and Voice WebRTC is out of Beta and has been rolled out to all users! Make good use of all its new bells and whistles:

  1. New optimized architecture for WebRTC chat has been improved for stability and speed.
  2. Input and Output controls now available in app
  3. improved whispering and muting options
  4. Check out the new and improved wiki page for more info!

You may have noticed our new Marketplace redesign is live and it looks beautiful! Check out its smooth new controls. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Complete layout redesign, focused on ease of use. Also a snazzy new look!
  2. New search systems, including more specific searching options (type/publisher/genre), list and card views
  3. Faster response times for Marketplace served web pages, images, and content
  4. A “related products” section has been added to Marketplace pages to make finding similar items easier!

Our compendiums have gotten functionality and style updates that will make navigating them easier than ever:

  1. New filtering and organization options, available in both the external web view and inside the Roll20 app
  2. New styled views for easy browsing of spell and monster attributes!
  3. Page navigation has been added throughout 5E Compendium Books so that they can be read like a traditional book
  4. Sub races and sub classes content now repeats inside pages to prepare the Compendium for future product releases……
  5. Optimizations and speed improvements have also been implemented.

Our patching system is leaner, meaner and 100 times faster:

  1. More efficient queuing system for game updates.
  2. Patching speeds have been improved up to 10,000%
  3. Additional information is now given to users while waiting in the patching queue and during the patching process

The collaboration you’ve all been waiting for, Roll20 x Pathfinder has been announced and pre-orders for our first adventure path are open, but here’s a small peak of confirmed features pre-launch:

  1. We’ve only just announced our collaboration with Paizo today, so here’s a few features we can talk about, a full wiki will be available with features on release:
  2. Temporary bonuses are available on most attributes, allowing for easy adjustment of situational modifiers.
  3. Multiclassing (up to 3!) is supported

Last but not least, we’d like to tease an upcoming API upgrade… They didn’t make it into this behemoth of an update but soon…

  • API Upgrades
  1. Coming soon on the Dev Server for testing, check the Pro forum for details
  2. New card deck functionality accessible by API commands
  3. Reset and view Advanced Fog of War via the API

Thank you for making this community a bustling source of joy and energy for now 6 years and counting. We couldn’t have done this without you and we hope you look forward to everything else we’ve got in store for 2018.

Here’s to you!


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