3D Dice Agency, Sounds, and more coming in Interface Initiative

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


If you missed the news previously, we’re currently hard at work on our Interface Initiative update which will bring a fresh, updated look to the Roll20 site. But beyond the facelift to the interface, we’re also working on a few new things to make your experience playing in Roll20 even better.


One of the most-requested additions to 3D Dice is the ability to have control over how the dice are rolled. We’re pleased to announce that in Interface Initiative you’ll be able to do just that. As shown in the video above, whenever you are rolling 3D Dice you now have the option to click-and-drag to determine the direction and force with which the dice are thrown. This has a direct impact on the results of your roll, since we use a real physics engine when performing rolls. If you like the system to just handle rolling for you, there’s an option for that, too.


We’ve always wanted to add sounds to our 3D Dice to further increase the immersiveness of rolling on Roll20, but we’ve never had the time to do it properly. With the new update, you’ll hear a dice cup shaking sound when you’re rolling 3D Dice, as well as sound effects as the dice hit the tabletop. It really adds a whole new level to the Roll20 experience!

Percentile Dice

We’ve heard this request often, and with Interface Initiative we’re able to add support for percentile dice whenever you roll a d100 using 3D Dice. Note that in the preview video you may see that we’re still using our standard d10 skin (1-10 as opposed to 0-9 for each d10) – we’ll have the correct skin ready by the time this goes live to everyone later this Summer.

…and one more thing – Skins!

Last but not least, we’re pleased to introduce our first truly radical 3D Dice skin, shown in the video as a metal D6. Our plan is to roll out premium skin sets that are available for both GMs and players to purchase the unique dice they bring to the table.

Unlike their real-life counterparts, our metal dice still roll as fairly as a perfectly-balanced plastic dice – so you can add some serious flair to your game without compromising gameplay.

3D Dice skins will likely be available a month or two after the Interface Initiative update launches, as we need to have time to produce the skins and set up the various support systems for managing them on the site. But we’re so excited about them that we wanted to show them off now!

Thanks for your support!

Thanks to everyone in the Roll20 community for your ongoing support. And as always, all of the features we just discussed are already live on the Dev server for Mentors to use in their games, giving us their feedback while they are under development – and you can join them today if you want to be part of that process.

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