5 API Scripts to Power Up Your Roll20 Games

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


One of the best features of a Pro subscription on Roll20 is the ability to add API Scripts. If you play video games, you’re probably familiar with modding games like Skyrim, the Sims, or Fallout. You can do the same on Roll20 by adding user-created mods called API Scripts.

There are hundreds of scripts available for your games written by our incredible community, so it’s likely you’ll find something you want to add. We’ve put together a list of five of our favorite Scripts for GMs to try out. All of these mods are options in the API Script Library.

New to installing API Scripts? Nick Olivio has a tutorial to get you started.

Welcome Package
By Ada L.

The simplicity of this script puts the power of character creation in the player’s hands. The GM can, with one click, create a character sheet that anyone can fill out. This is useful when the GM is setting things up before the players join, or wants to add another player quickly.

Once created, the player can fill out their sheet at any time after the GM shares the game invite link with the group.

Group Initiative
By The Aaron

This powerful script is a huge time saver when your players and NPCs need to roll for initiative. You can select the tokens that you wish to add to the Turn Tracker, and use this API Script to roll their initiative at the same time and include any bonuses on their character sheets. A decimal is added to the initiative result in case of a tie.

This Script is flexible enough to accommodate systems including D&D 5E, Pathfinder, Star Wars D6, and Vampire: The Masquerade.

By The Aaron

This next Script from The Aaron continues to support combat by helping the players and GM track the current turn. A large token is added to the VTT behind the token of the current turn, which is especially useful when there are multiple types of the same monster on the tabletop.

Players can advance their turn through the chat, giving them control of their character’s actions without reminders from the GM.

Aura/Tint HealthColors
By DXWarlock

“How hurt does the monster look?” is probably one of the most common questions a GM is asked. Now the token will show players the approximate health of the enemy by adding an aura, where green is healthy and red is pretty bad.

There’s also a nice animation effect when the token either takes damage or heals, adding a nice visual.

By David M.

Counting squares for area of effect spells or abilities takes a long time and slows down the pace of combat. SmartAoE fixes this by showing the range of the spell (otherwise known as a spell template) that can be rotated or update when the character moves. It includes spell templates for cones, lines, and radius abilities.

The GM has full control over which abilities use this Script. The range and description of the ability is set in a macro. Check out the SmartAoE tutorial from Nick Olivio on how to make this API Script custom for your game.

Ready to add these API Scripts, or choose from hundreds more, to your games? Upgrade to a Pro subscription.

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