5 Games To Play Between Sessions

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


“Actually, Friday’s no good for me…"

The most formidable boss monster any tabletop game group has to face is the synchronization of player schedules. Your paladin and rogue can make it next week, but your sorcerer needs to pick up an extra shift, or your barbarian’s wedding anniversary falls smack in the middle of your biggest battle yet!

Missing sessions does not need to be a death knell for your campaign! We’ve compiled a list of five low-prep games and adventures to play during your group’s long rests!

Kiss of the Succubus

Kiss of the Succubus is a D&D 5E duet optimized for a DM and a single character with a sidekick. Battle against a wily succubus and her bandit crew in this setting-agnostic one-shot with fully realized Roll20 Dynamic Lighting! It’s a perfect romp for a party that’s missing a few players.

A Cunning Plan

Everyone loves a heist! A Cunning Plan is a standalone card game for 3+ players to organize their criminal enterprise. Sabotage your opponents and bribe the law in this game of nefarious intent!

Fetch Quest

Need a cooperative deck-builder for your next game night? Check out Fetch Quest, a game for as few as 3 adventurous pups on a dangerous quest! Add this family-friendly game to your Roll20 collection!

One Last Chance

One Last Chance is a two-player game featuring two Rivals racing toward a final confrontation! The cards designs boast a beautiful simplicity and with its Dice & Prompts system, no two games are ever the same!

For the Queen

For the Queen is a story-building game for 2-6 players. Each portrays a close companion of the enigmatic queen as they escort their beloved queen to a faraway land. Roll20 provides 14 gorgeously rendered Queens and 46 world-building prompt cards to crafts the perfect story.

Spoken Magic

Another prompt-based collaborative game, Spoken Magic can be played with 1-4 players. Roll20’s edition of Spoken Magic comes with all four preloaded decks, a playmat, and online rules to guide you on a journey through magical lands.

Feel like sneaking in an extra game while the party is away?

The Looking For Group system has got your back, whether you’re a new adventurer or a seasoned pro!

Check out these handy guides on joining a game or listing a game!

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