5 Marketplace Modules To Get Started With Dynamic Lighting



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Dive into an immersive experience with UDL using an item from the Roll20 Marketplace - we’ve done the prep work for you!

With the recent announcement of Update 1.0 to our Updated Dynamic Lighting, now is the perfect time to delve into everything Updated Dynamic Lighting has to offer for your campaign.

If the idea of more prep work scares you, never fear. We have a plethora of products on the Marketplace that come ready-to-play, right out of the digital box! Below are some of our favorite products that really take advantage of UDL’s strengths.

New to Dynamic Lighting? Try Wardlings!

New to the Roll20 Marketplace, Wardlings is a 5E-compatible campaign guide set in a world where children can perceive magic but adults cannot. This campaign is all-ages friendly, and the Roll20 release features original map artwork with Dynamic Lighting integration that is sure to delight players of all ages. With a focus on open woodland spaces, the Dynamic Lighting setup is fairly simple - which gives you and your players a good chance to experiment with the feature and get comfortable with it!

Plunge into the icy depths of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden!

This 2020 release from Wizards of the Coast is packed with winding caverns and lairs portrayed through intensely intricate maps - and our Dynamic Lighting is the frosting on the cave! Your party’s bone-chilling adventures will be enhanced with dark and dreary lighting as they wind through every twist and turn - all of the terror, without losing any of the map detail!

The Alien RPG Starter Set brings cinematic chills!

Is there anything more tense than survival horror? How about survival horror in the pitch-black of space? The Alien RPG Starter Set includes full floor plans for every scenario, complete with Dynamic Lighting integration that adds a terror-inducing atmosphere for your players. Your players will practically be able to hear the hum of fluorescent lights flooding cramped spaceship hallways as they work together to escape the deadly xenomorph.

Need a new adventure? Look no further than the Sanguine Dawn Inn from DMDave and Tom Cartos!

Endlessly prolific and expansively original, DMDave brings a multitude of adventures to the Roll20 Marketplace. With a background in architecture, design, and storytelling, artist Tom Cartos boasts a repertoire of maps and addons for Roll20 users, as well. The two have teamed up to create The Sanguine Dawn Inn, a variable level adventure mixed with daytime and nighttime action. And this is just one example of their work - both artists feature a multitude of high-quality game-enhancing offerings on the Roll20 Marketplace.

Ready to try your hand? Delve into the Underworld with Venatus Maps!

Venatus Maps offers a wide array of beautiful maps and assets for building the perfect battleground in Roll20. Upon purchase, the art is added to your Art Library, which means it’s up to you to drag the art into the VTT and set up the Dynamic Lighting.

Start with the Underworld Maps: Part One, and you’ll have the beautiful artwork of Venatus Maps as your guide while you build an exciting and immersive lighting experience for your players.

Remember, Dynamic Lighting features are only available for Plus + Pro subscribers. Upgrade your subscription and see your games in a whole new light today! \

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