5 Million Users: Roll20 Finds Critical Success!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Sound the trumpets and ring the bells, because we’re kicking off the new decade with a huge new milestone: there are now over 5 million Roll20 users in the world! To everyone out there who’s created an account, who’s invited friends to join them, who’s told us what they need and pushed us to make this platform better and better: thank you.

It seems like just yesterday that we celebrated 3 million users… but actually that was 2 years ago (almost to the day)! 2 million users in two years? We’re flattered, and we’re doing our best to keep up with the lot of you by adding new features, new products, and new systems throughout 2020. In fact, we’ve got some news for you to celebrate this 5 million milestone…

Many of you have waited patiently for updates on our new Dynamic Lighting system. Today we can confirm that the new, updated Dynamic Lighting will become available for Pro subscribers to try out on the Dev Server NEXT WEEK. We weren’t planning to announce that yet, but what can we say? 5 million users deserve a little treat. The new Dynamic Lighting will integrate all lighting controls in one system and run faster to boot! We’ll have more information about what this update means for all subscribers next week.

We’re also thrilled to see that so many of you enjoyed the new Custom Token Markers feature released last month. In just the first week, you all created 5,452 unique sets. This feature was a popular request from the Suggestions Forum, so keep those votes coming!

You’re playing more systems than ever, as the most recent Orr Report shows. Over the last year, we’ve increased the number of official Roll20 sheets by 30%, often adding Charactermancer support along the way, while our community (that’s you!) continues to make great games possible with over 700 community sheets in hundreds of systems. In just the last year, we’ve added support for the following systems:

Roll20 has certainly come a long way since that day in April 2012 when three college friends launched a Kickstarter for “virtual tabletop gaming that tells a story.” From the very first day, the enthusiasm and generosity of this community blew us away. Even now, we’re humbled and grateful for the kindness, passion, and creativity that you all have brought to the (virtual) table.

We’re thrilled to continue making great stories with you, and we asked QuantumRoll to show our appreciation by giving you more successes in your dice this year.

It said no, but we did ask. Happy (merciless, true random) rolling!

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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