5 Tips for Scheduling Your Next Campaign

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Happy New Year from Roll20!

With a new year comes a new commitment to spend time the way you want. For us, that means getting back to the table after a long rest over the holidays. Scheduling time with your group can be one of the biggest challenges of game night, so we’re sharing some of our favorite tools for keeping the party together.

Google Calendar. Sending those calendar invites might seem like old hat to some of you, but most of my game nights are organized pretty casually by DM, so it feels oddly business-like to send a calendar invite to my friends. But I’ll take formal over forgetting/double booking/guessing if everyone else remembers any day. This may look like Outlook or iCal for you, but invites with reminders and Roll20 game links on any platform are great.

When Is Good. Look, it’s not cute, but I choose function over form - and When is Good gets the job done when you’re just trying to avoid reading a long list of calendar availability from five of your favorite adventurers. A GM has better things to spend their time on, like picking the most beautiful maps for their friends to inevitably doodle all over.

Doodle Poll. Another option for a free poll to find times that suit everyone’s schedule without lots of back and forth.

Sesh for Discord. We might be in a Discord server or two… or twenty. Add this bot if your group is already centralized there, and you’ll be booking game night in no time. It’ll send a direct message in Discord when it’s time to play, which is a perfect last minute reminder.

Calendly. I’m a big Calendly fan. It’s best suited if you’re already using it to manage your appointments, and you’ll want a paid account to be able to book with a group, but if you need a solution beyond just one recurring game night, this one might be for you.

We’d love to hear what you’re using to make sure game night is on, and what you’re most looking forward to playing in 2022!

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