“A Measured Update” on Dev

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


While working on our Charactermancer update, we wanted to figure out a follow up that would start to test our ability to do improved rendering on the tabletop itself… and here we are!

“A Measured Update,” as we’re calling this new code push going live to testing today, primarily focuses on the 4th most requested feature from the Suggestions Forum (really, a quality of life issue more than a new feature)– making certain that size of distance scales with zoom levels for the ruler tool. Read on past the logo…

Any time we circle through a new segment of development, we also do a sweep for other requests on the Suggestions Forums that relate to the area we’re working. As such there are now ruler waypoints, custom units of measurement, the ability to keep the ruler “sticky”, the ability to toggle snap-to-grid with the ruler, and to hide it. We’ve also greatly improved the user interface for the tool.

So no matter what sort of tactical games you’re trying to accomplish in Roll20, our hope is that this update greatly improves your quality of play. If you’re a Pro subscriber, check out a deeper dive on what “A Measured Update” contains (including new hotkeys) on the forums. We’re excited for feedback on the functionality you’re able to test on the Development Server.

Everyone else… hang on, and we’ll have it out to you soon!

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