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Ever wonder what would happen if a group of professional comedians were tasked with drawing monsters based on someone else’s description? Wonder no longer – because Stir Friday Night took MonsDRAWsity from Deep Water Games, the very first board game on Roll20, out for a spin! Head over to YouTube to get your fill of hilarious roasts, terrible drawings, and see this MONSTROUSLY cool game in action.

MonsDRAWsity with Stir Friday Night

As May’s Reserve reward, Pro subscribers are able to redeem MonsDRAWsity for FREE until Tuesday June 1, and then it’ll be available for purchase for all.

Roll20 Presents Recap:

  • Mondays: Persephiroth, Distracted Elf, Dave, Aki, and Drakoniques are exploring Candlekeep Mysteries live at 1pm PT.
  • Tuesdays: Indoor Recess continues to wreck D&D havoc on the poor suburban town of Jenkins, Nebraska live at 7pm PT.
  • Wednesdays: The finale for Salty Sweet Games’s Burn Bryte: Against the Stars is coming up June 2! Tune in live at 2pm PT. Then Stir Friday Night will continue hunting monsters in their Monster of the Week campaign at 5pm PT.
  • Thursdays: The new cast member for the Desperate Gamble, a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire campaign will be introduced during Elf’s GM Prep stream at 1pm PT!
  • Fridays: It’s the First Friday of the month which means Jen Vaughn will be back with a whole new cast for Fiasco Fridays!

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