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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team



Roll20 is seeking to expand our development resources by engaging multiple Developers as a full-time independent contractors. We work mainly in the browser and mobile (iOS/Android) space, with a heavy focus on Javascript and HTML5. We use bleeding-edge web technology as an integral part of our service, including Canvas, WebGL, and WebRTC.

Contractor will work with our development team to expand Roll20 by polishing our existing features and by creating new ways for our players to participate in amazing gaming experiences. They will also communicate directly with our players on a daily basis to assist them with technical issues and gather their feedback to improve the service. Bonus points for avid tabletop gamers and previous experience in the tabletop gaming industry.

Work is done remotely, meaning you may contract with us from anywhere in the United States.

Contract qualifications include:

  • Portfolio of existing work showcasing experience with related technologies

  • Strong skills in Javascript (the Good Parts), HTML/CSS, and Ruby

  • Familiarity with managing Linux servers

  • Strong communication and writing skills

In addition to the requirements above, we will prioritize contractors who:

  • Have a strong portfolio of existing work on a site such as Github

  • Have experience with Firebase

  • Have experience with MediaWiki

  • Have experience with WebGL, Canvas, and/or NodeJS

  • Have experience working with PostgreSQL

  • Have experience playing in Roll20 on a regular basis, including advanced features such as the Roll20 API.

To apply, submit a PDF resumé/portfolio along with your proposal including hourly rate to with the subject line “Developer Position.” Please also include a brief introduction of yourself telling us why you would be an asset to our growing team. We’d also love to see your Roll20 account, a Github profile showing off previous projects, or another form of portfolio (previous web applications, open source projects you have contributed to, etc.). Roll20 is an equal opportunity employer.

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