An Update to the Legacy Dynamic Lighting Sunset Plan

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Back in February, we laid out our plan for sunsetting Legacy Dynamic Lighting to pave the way for Updated Dynamic Lighting. Internally, we set up a few interconnected data points we wanted to move alongside sunset: adoption, stability, and sentiment. With the sunset date approaching and those metrics front of mind, we are adjusting our plan for Legacy Dynamic Lighting: Come May 18th, you will still have access to Legacy Dynamic Lighting and will still be able to use it in your games.

Some Details:

  • You will retain access to Legacy Dynamic Lighting on existing pages and be able to create new pages with Legacy Dynamic Lighting beyond May 18.
  • At the end of this extended sunset window, LDL will be removed.
  • Support for Dynamic Lighting will remain focused on UDL, and new advancements & features will be tied to Updated Dynamic Lighting.
  • Further updates for Legacy Dynamic Lighting will cease on May 18. That means that we can’t guarantee stability or compatibility for games using Legacy Lighting beyond that date.

We are excited to continue to bring you better experiences on Roll20. In recent months, we have delivered both improvements and brand new features that use UDL to enhance the Roll20 experience. We also made promises to our community regarding specific issues, and we’ve been focusing on making those happen. We will be continuing to do so despite our expanded sunset window. We appreciate your patience! Keep an eye on this space for further updates.

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