Art Library Rework Update Now on the Main Site!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


This week our Devs have rolled out a new update to Your Library. This revamp provides better organizational tools, supports mass editing of assets, and lays the groundwork for better integration down the road.

You’ll now find your Premium Assets, including Purchases, Pro & Free Sets - listed in your library along with a My Library section that includes Recent Uploads, a new Upload button, and Folders with a pop-out option for mass tagging, deleting, and moving of assets from folder to folder!

You can also now hover your mouse over an asset to preview the image and view an organizational handle. Grab this handle to reorganize within Your Library or use it to drag and drop items onto the table.

Important Note on Recent Uploads (READ THIS CAREFULLY)

Your Recent Uploads list acts as the primary save source for all of Your Library. This means that if you delete a Recent Upload, you are really deleting it! You can copy and delete things as often as you want in your folder structure but if you delete it from Recent Uploads the asset will be gone for good.

Wanna check your Quota before deleting Recent Uploads? Your Quota is listed under Account Type & Subscription on your profile.

Tagging is also now easier - you can edit tags by clicking on the asset and opening the pop-out folder view.

Clicking on the asset’s tags and adding, editing, or removing them there. You can also mass add or delete tags to everything in a folder all from inside the app.

This change is a major one, so we are still taking feedback into consideration and will be making a few adjustments, as well as adding some more options regarding the actual layout/functionality of the new system. To follow along, share bugs, or provide feedback, please see the Update Thread on the forums.

Enjoy & happy gaming!

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