August Community Roundtable Recap!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


If you missed getting to see one of Eric’s doggos the Roll20 Community Roundtable live, here’s a quick recap! You can also check out the VOD over on YouTube.

First, though, save the date: Roll20Con is October 5 and 6!

Roll20 Updates:

We started off by discussing some Advanced Fog of War work. Stephanie is quite excited about the prototypes she’s seen in development, and we’re all excited about Corey joining us to help with this particular project. There is a large paradigm shift going on behind the scenes for the feature, so we’ll provide updates as we’re able.

To go along with the recent Roll20 Marketplace updates, wishlists (yep, plural and shareable!) are on their way. Think about how great that’s going to be for gift-giving, and requesting! We’re also working on refining both the web and in-app searches.

Eric discussed some of the new ways we’re looking at how people use Roll20. The old version of the Orr Group Industry Report was based on what users said they were using. The new report captures more data, equal to about 86% of all games played on Roll20. We’re still looking into more categories for the report, including what features are most used so we can ensure we’re focusing on site support and updates that help players the most.

The new Help Desk has been rolled out! All of the policies and feature info on the current Roll20 wiki are being moved over for easier searching, and it also has an easy way to submit a support ticket.


We’ll be supporting Pathfinder Second Edition as much as we’re able, focusing on the releases the community wants most, and we will be completing the Return of the Runelords Adventure Path. We recently doubled the size of our Production team to help support older products and new releases.

_Starfinder _and _Pathfinder Second Edition _for the Roll20 Charactermancer are both in the works. We’ve been hiring for our User Collaboration team which is the driving force behind those systems and we are looking forward to having both active by early 2020.

D&D’s Eberron will be available Day 1, and we have Storm Coast’s Adventurers Guide and Out of the Abyss on our to-do list.

One user wanted to know what is the toughest part of maintaining the site is. The answers ranged from minor, major, ongoing, and fleeting but one of the most permeating issues is not having enough time to play games together.

And then, Eric very sweetly woke up one his dogs to say hi. Here are both of them, in all their snuggly glory.

Thank you to all that submitted questions and joined us! You can catch the whole thing over on YouTube. We also have some of our panels from Gen Con up there too!

The next Roundtable will be on October 4, and we’ll be talking Roll20Con, creativity at Roll20, and more.

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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