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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


An updated version of the Zoom tool with revisions based on user feedback launches today! Using the new features is easy. Let’s look:

When we first introduced changes to the Zoom tool in November, you let us know that those changes did not meet your expectations. We took it back to the metaphorical workshop and nailed two goals onto the wall: (1) For the people who like the current system, it works that same way. (2) For the people who find it confusing (or downright not functional for their set-up), there’s now a new way to do it.

Our first priority was to support both the existing (Scroll to Pan) and the updated (Scroll to Zoom) functions fully. You can now swap between them not only in individual games under the Settings wheel, but as a default setting on your entire Roll20 Account. Many users also missed the Zoom Slider, so we polished that up too with new buttons, a Zoom Percentage display, and the option to minimize it if you want more space on your screen.

Altogether, here are the new features you can access with this re-release of the Zoom Tool:

  • Control your default zoom settings at the game level (Settings wheel) or at the account level (My Account), so you can switch between “Scroll to Pan” and “Scroll to Zoom” functionality.
  • Secondary click (which may be right click, two-finger click, or something else depending on your operating system) will pan. We’ve also increased support for laptop users, for example Apple Trackpad users can now drag two fingers to pan.
  • While we were at it, we went under the hood to make panning smoother and more responsive.
  • New + / - slider that displays your zoom level and allows you to adjust either by pressing the button or dragging the slider. You can even collapse it for more screen space!
  • Keyboard shortcuts with + or - buttons can be used to zoom in or out. Contextual menus that also use these keyboard shortcuts (like token markers) will NOT affect your zoom.
  • We’ve added the “Ctrl” key as an alternative (how ironic!) to the “Alt” key for pan and zoom functions. Those of you whose browsers (hello, Firefox) want the Alt key all to themselves now have access to a reliable secondary key.

Read the full list of changes here on the Roll20 Forum.

These changes have been tested on our Dev Server since November 26, with frequent updates as our Pro users tried them out. Now it’s your turn! Try the new Zoom tool in your games and let us know what you think.

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