Burn Bryte – Burning Daylight Actual Play

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Come get a first look at the new system! Our upcoming tabletop RPG, Burn Bryte, is coming to screens everywhere on July 7, but the actual play series starts on Twitch this week. A ragtag crew of adventurers will travel the stars of Olaxis and try to outrun the end of existence. Our heroes will play through the Burning Daylight story and take on a mysterious cult that worships the Burn. The first of 10 episodes premieres Thursday, July 2 at 7pm PT.

The stellar cast includes:

__Jess __– Jess (she/they) is an editor, writer, and podcaster. She plays D&D on the family-friendly podcast d20 Dames. You can find all of Jess’ writing on their website and keep up with project announcements on their Twitter:

Eugenio – Eugenio/DM Jazzy Hands ( is the DM producer of The Last Refuge: A D&D Podcast ( and a variety streamer on Twitch ( More information as well as links to his published adventures on the DMs Guild are available at

Celeste – Celeste Conowitch (she/her) is the DM & Producer for Venture Maidens, a 5e actual play D&D podcast powered by an all female & nonbinary cast. She’s also a published writer and game designer, most recently as Co-Author of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Follow her on Twitter:

__Darcy __– Darcy Ross is a storyteller, snailologist, and RPG marketer and community wrangler for Monte Cook Games (Numenera, the Cypher System, Invisible Sun, No Thank You, Evil!). She contributed to the design of Burn Bryte, with other design work on projects such as The Forbidden Library, Your Best Game Ever, Singularity, and An Empty Page (in development). Find her on Twitter @DarcyLRoss, on, and streaming on the One Shot RPG and Monte Cook Games Twitch channels.

__Naseem __– Naseem Etemad (she/her) is a regular cast member of the Venture Maidens Podcast. A veteran gamer and actor based in Los Angeles, CA. Find her streaming regularly on the Venture Maidens Twitch channel. Follow her on social media everywhere @nas_ghoul to keep up with her streaming schedule and guest appearances.

Designed, developed and produced by Roll20, in Burn Bryte you can play a crystalline pilot who hunts space pirates, a felinoid hacker who exposes over guild double-dealings, a living mecha who rescues those trapped on doomed planets, or a swarm of insects who share a hivemind and smuggle food and medicine to desperate families. If your crew of adventurers is daring enough, you just might find a way to stop⁠—or even turn back⁠—the Burn.

Thursdays 7pm PT (2am UTC) |

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