Burn Bryte: Completing the End



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Season 2 of Salty Sweet Games’s Burn Bryte actual play campaign, Against the Stars, has wrapped! Explore the galaxy of Olaxis and watch the crew’s journey as they discover what it means to do good and be good in the face of the end of the universe. If you haven’t checked out Roll20’s original science-fantasy setting and system, this series is a must-watch!

Against the Stars Season 2 Finale

Roll20 Presents Recap:

  • Mondays: Persephiroth, Distracted Elf, Dave, Aki, and Drakoniques wrapped their first adventure and continue exploring Candlekeep Mysteries live at 1pm PT.
  • Tuesdays: Indoor Recess excels at wreaking D&D havoc on the poor suburban town of Jenkins, Nebraska – live at 7pm PT.
  • Wednesdays: Comedy group Stir Friday Night is hunting monsters in their Monster of the Week campaign at 5pm PT.
  • Thursdays: Distracted Elf will be preparing for the season 2 premiere of her Star Wars campaign at 1pm PT. Then join us for the Community Roundtable for questions, answers, and get to know some more of the Roll20 team at 4:30pm PT!
  • Fridays: The Star Wars: Desperate Gamble season 2 begins at 1pm PT!

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