Burn Bryte Now Available for Plus Subscribers!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Ready to spend your roleplaying time *galaxy voice* iiiiin spaaaace? If you’re a Roll20 Plus or Pro subscriber, you can!

Our new roleplaying system, Burn Bryte, has just expanded its playtest to include all Roll20 Plus subscribers. This system comes complete with a ready-to-play adventure, “Burn Bryte: Burning Daylight” which has automatically been unlocked on every Plus or Pro Roll20 account.

Burn Bryte features diverse species from crystalline entities to anthropomorphic felines, along with a narrative-focused system that features guides players along story paths and exploding dice that lets them choose how far to push their luck. Oh and: yes, of course you can have spaceship battles!

Log into your Plus or Pro Roll20 account and Create New Game, then select “Burn Bryte” Burning Daylight” from the modules list. Try it out, then let us know what what you think!

We’re also running a weekly Twitch stream of this adventure, GMed by one of its creators (James Introcaso). Visit our lively cast of spacefarers every Monday at 12pm Pacific Time on Roll20 Presents!

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