Card Deck Improvements, New Podcasts

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Major Overhauls to Card Decks, Podcasts, and Marketplace Searches

Card Deck Update

The hand system for cards has been overhauled, with each player having a single hand that can either be viewed with all decks together OR organized by deck. You can also specify whether or not cards go onto the tabletop face up or down by default, who can see cards in player hands, and the default size that a card appears when played onto the tabletop. Additionally there is now a discard pile and new draw command! To learn more about these features, please see the change log.

API Continues to Improve

We’ve also been hard at work continuing to improve the Roll20 API, and you can now create new Chracters, Handouts, Attributes, and Abilities, save information between play sessions to aid your scripts, and more. In addition, the API Forums are hopping with users sharing their script creations – if you’re curious what the API can do for your campaign, check it out! And if you’re not a Mentor, consider upgrading to support Roll20 and gain access to the API and other advanced features.

Podcast Overhaul

The previous Roll20 Supporter/Insider podcast has been “retired” to make way for two NEW podcasts. The first is a Mentor-only podcast that covers upcoming features and the second is a podcast by the Orr Group, focusing both on Roll20 and pop culture and featuring an increase in special guests. The Orr Group podcast is available to all listeners– not just subscribers– one week after initial airing to subscribers. Please visit the support page for more information.

Improved Marketplace Searches

We’ve overhauled the interface on the Roll20 Marketplace. It is now easier to see all the available sets by your favorite creators like Devin Night, Saul Wynne, Greg Taylor, and more! Give it a try and see what YOU find…

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