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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


The Roll20 Community has now contributed character sheets for more then 45 different game systems! Not only is this amazing by any measure, it’s even more incredible when you consider all that work was done in just the last month. Whether you are looking forward to playing D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Mouseguard, Shadowrun 5E, or many, many other games – there’s going to be a sheet waiting for you on May 28th! Major kudos to everyone who took time to give back to the community in this fashion, it was much appreciated.

In particular, 3 sheets really stood out from the crowd, and we’re excited to name them the winners of our Character Sheet Contest! Without further ado:

Runner-Up: Exalted 2E by Brian Shields, Benjamin Bandelow

This sheet not only looks great, but it set the standard for many other sheets which utilize the excellent “bubble fill-in” CSS which this sheet pioneered. In addition, Brian was frequently on-hand in the forums to help others with their sheet-related CSS and HTML questions, and we love rewarding that kind of community initiative.

Runner-Up: D&D 4E by Alex L., Ville S.

This was one of the earliest sheets that was created after the character sheet system was made available on the Dev Server. The CSS used in this sheet has been used in about half of the other sheets that were created, so it’s clear that something special is at work here. We love how it faithfully re-creates the feel of the paper 4E sheet while providing new enhancements geared toward online play.

Grand Prize Winner: Pathfinder by Samuel Marino

This sheet is by far the most massive that has been created so far (we had to cut off the screenshot to fit it in this post). In fact, we had to work to overhaul the entire character sheet system (before it was even out of beta!) because this sheet has so many fields (more than 700!) that it would take 3-4 seconds to even appear on the screen after you clicked on a character’s name. In addition to his incredibly hard work creating the sheet in the first place, Sam has been active on the forums taking feedback from players and improving the sheet on a regular basis. In fact, this sheet has had more than 24 commits since it was created – that’s a lot of hard work!

Honorable Mentions

While we could only choose 3 overall winners, we want to highlight some of the awesome work that was done across the board by these sheet authors.

Star Wars Saga Edition by Alicia G

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (API Compatible) by Steve Day

The One Ring by Michael Heilemann

Numenera by David Hawkins (The Story Teller)

Mystery of the Abbey by Nick Hotalling

Thanks to everyone who submitted a sheet – your profile achievement will be activated on May 28th when Data Delve goes live.

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