Charactermancer Development Blog 2

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


We’re moving and shaking on the testing phase of the Charactermancer with Pro subscribers on the Development Server. Yesterday we pushed live a new version of the tool with the following…

Features and Improvements

  • Rolled ability scores are now sent to the chat window!
  • Added an “i” icon to change the displayed compendium page as you work through the Charactermancer.
  • Ability Scores options should be consistently ascending or descending.
  • Handle charactermancer closing, cancel, and exit without applying changes. Wording on Cancel dialog box.
  • Handling multiple dynamic item choices (ex: Pick 2 martial weapons can now pick 2 martial weapons) However, there’s a Known Issue: they can choose 2 shields.
  • When selecting spells, the spell card displays rather than the whole compendium entry.
  • Change Spell Preparedness: Spells are entered on the character sheet in unprepared state.
  • Tools and Custom Skills query: Replaced the code-looking query with “?”
  • Ability scores reset when switching generation type.
  • Race and Class slides reset/don’t display anything when switching type or when you first land on the slide and haven’t selected anything.

Fixed Issues

  • Multiple charactermancer windows open causes problems.
  • On Tool Proficiencies, it is unclear when choosing second choice (such as Soldier)
  • Equipment Packs not added to character sheet.
  • Duplicate items when switching equipment choices.
  • Compendium Drops open the Charactermancer.
  • If visiting a slide you’ve already been to, “mancerchange:” events may fire before the “page:” event
  • Spells and Items not populating
  • Alphabetize long lists (some lists are not alphabetized, such as ability scores)
  • Duplicate weapons (ex: Barbarian selects Greataxe or Martial Weapon; Greataxe now appears just once. Reported many times in the Bug Report Forum.)
  • Class was blank on the Equipment slide.
  • Spell compendium iframe was too narrow.

Many of these changes were based on direct feedback as suggestions or bug reports we’ve received on the forums, which are always really appreciated at this part of the development cycle. If you’re a Pro subscriber, please take a moment to play with the Charactermancer before this goes live for everyone (likely before the month ends)!

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