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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


First, because I know you’re waiting with great anticipation, the Charactermancer Update is going to go live to Roll20 users a week from today on June 26th.

Today we pushed live to the Development Server another set of Charactermancer improvements for Pro users to test in the last week. Included among these improvements were:

  • Casting Ability in Stat selector: Your casting ability, as well as recommended stats from your class choice, now appear in the stats bar in the Abilities tab.
  • Going back and forth in top navigation: You can now bounce around in the top navigation.
  • Validation in the review slide: The review page now shows your choices and highlights if you are missing any required information. You cannot apply changes until you have filled in all required information.
  • Store race/subrace and class/subclass in character sheet: Subrace and Subclass are stored as attributes in the 5e OGL sheet. This is a future-looking addition for the charactermancer.

Several of these changes were requests from this feedback period, so thank you for participating in this testing phase. If you’re a Pro subscriber and would like some more information on other bug-related fixes to the Charactermancer, see here.

Now for the fun part… WAIT, that’s NOT ALL…

Alongside the deployment of the Charactermancer next Tuesday, June 26th, we’ll have a whole host of improvements going live. These include:

  • Compendium Sharing in Game Settings. Compendium content that the game creator has purchased is now more easily shared among participants in a game. This means beyond the existing unlimited drag-and-drop functionality that existed in Compendium sharing thus far, players will be able to more quickly utilize Compendium data in tools like the Charactermancer. In order to ensure licensed content here is safe from being exploited beyond intended personal use with this new feature, we are setting the following limits:

  • Free Users. Free users may purchase any compendium. They may only share their purchased compendiums with one active game that contains no more than themselves plus 5 players (6 total).

  • Plus Subscribers. Roll20 Plus subscribers may purchase any compendium. They may share their purchased compendiums with three active games that contain no more than themselves plus 10 players each (11 total per game).

  • Pro Subscribers. Roll20 Pro subscribers may purchase any compendium. They may share their purchased compendiums with five active games that contain no more than themselves plus 15 players each (16 total per game).

  • Improved WYSIWYG text editor. We’ve significantly overhauled our text editor for things such as character sheets and the forums, knocking out a bunch of pesky bugs that caused issue.

  • Wiki Repaint. the Roll20 help documentation on our Wiki will be brought into design standards with the rest of the website.

  • Character Vault Update. Alongside the Charactermancer, we’re making several changes to the Character Vault user interface for increased simplicity of use alongside better display of character information.

  • Dice Matching Mechanic. A new die mechanic will go live Tuesday. There are two versions: `!m` and `!mt`

    `!m` will show matches visually but not change results of the roll. I.e.: rolling a `2d6m` will give you the result of the 2d6 added together.

    `!mt` will return the number of matches. So, `2d6mt` will either return 0 matches or 1 match.

    Both can take 2 arguments: the number of matches required and/or the result the match needs to be. ie `5d6mt3>4` will show the number of matches if there are 3 of them AND the matching numbers 4 or greater.

So yeah, Tuesday is gonna be pretty cool.

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