Charactermancer Update-Update’s

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


As we head into the weekend, a quick update on the… state of the update.

The Charactermancer Update went live on Tuesday, and with it the launch of tools for the 5E Open Gaming License sheet. We also made fixes to specifically the text editor which had some unanticipated issues with things like font sizes on character sheets, tables in editing mode, and linking to handouts. We’ve done quite a bit to shore up these issues that happened on the live server that didn’t get picked up during testing.

Headed into the weekend, here are the known issues for the Charactermancer, and the known issues for the text editor; overall we’ve got things to play-ready for the weekend, but there’s still a lot of tweaks we’d like to make at the start of next week.

This update had a lot of really great 1st’s for us, but a few too many bumps. We’ll continue working on massaging this process in the updates to come. Thanks for playing!

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