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Next month be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. GM Shareef Jackson is bringing a whole new cast together to explore the world of Kids on Bikes. Come meet them and get hyped alongside them for a collaborative story-telling roleplaying game full of ordinary people grappling with strange, terrifying, and very, very powerful forces. Join them all on February 15 at 8am PT (4pm UTC) as they begin their journey together!

Meet the cast:

Shareef Jackson (Game Master) is a STEM diversity advocate who enjoys video games and TTRPGs! Follow him at,, or for links to his work.

My goal is to use the Kids on Bikes system to build a world that everyone can participate in. I also want to promote a diverse cast of players, as well as in game characters, to show that tabletop RPGs can be enjoyed by everyone. - Shareef

Markeia McCarty is a geek & gaming host, TTRPG player/DM, improviser (UCB, iO, Second City) and is also a Marketing Manager for Hunters Entertainment. She’s played on a variety of TTRPG shows including Critical Role, Geek N Sundry, and HyperRPG. She narrates and story edits the animated horror series, Something Scary, on YouTube ( Tuesdays 6pm PT, she RPGs on Hunters Entertainment Twitch ( ). Twitter/IG: @markeiamccarty, Twitch: DarthMarkeia

One of the things I’m excited about with this upcoming Kids on Bikes campaign is the wonderful diversity representation. Differing ethnicities, gender identities and backgrounds both on & behind the scenes. Not only that, but we’ll have the feel good pleasure of having a Kids On Bikes campaign where yes, anything thrilling can happen (like Space Robots, possessed toasters, and aliens that can do the Tango) but also real social commentary can be done with knowledgeable and experienced people co-creating together. The possibilities are pretty beautiful and I’m excited to be a part of it. - Markeia

Xu Mason is a bilingual first generation Asian American actress/writer/comedian. She came up through the Chicago improv scene, where she studied at The Annoyance, iO, and The Second City. She has been on multiple iO Harold Teams, and was a 2019 Second City in conjunction with NBC Universal Bob Curry Fellow. Her writing has been found in Points in Case, Belladonnas, Flexx Mag, and Funny-ish. She currently plays games online with her improv team StirFriday Night, and more. Find her on twitter and instagram at @hellotherexu.

I love collaborative world building. I think it’s so much fun to create and explore a world together, using one tid bit here to fuel another. Setting the mood, and creating something zany, fun, and lovely - or all three. It’s almost like improv, but only for my head and shoulders. - Xu

Noir Enigma is a voice actor, streamer, musician and improvisor. He has studied at Chicago’s iO, Westside Theater, and Second City. He is the Nerdy host of Critical Misses’ Morning Ritual, creator and Game Master for Kobold Presses Into the Southlands, Magpies Second City Saviors and The Lonely Throne a 5th Edition game in his created setting of Gloria on Thursdays on his twitch channel. He is the Social Media Manager for LFM Network and can be found at twitter/twitch/youtube as @TheNoirEnigma.

What I’m most excited about is trying out this new system. Kids on Bikes is something that I’ve heard so much about but never got to get my hands on until now. Plus I get that added benefit of playing this new system with such amazing players, I have not played a single game with any of the cast so this is so terribly exciting that I can’t wait. I know we’re going to bring something special together and I can’t wait for you all to see it! - Noir

Kailey Bray is a Juilliard-trained actor from Ottawa, Canada. She is the creator and Game Master of Damsels, Dice, and Everything Nice, the Princess RPG parody. In addition to Damsels, she’s the Community Manager for AMC’s Walking Dead Twitch Channel, and a producer for Hyper RPG and Pixel Circus. (Twitter: @hapabarbarian)

I’ve never gotten to play Kids on Bikes and I’ve always wanted to try! I love the collaborative world building aspect of the system and I can’t wait to see what we all create together! - Kailey

Premieres February 15 | 8am PT (4pm UTC) |

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Bunny (she/her) is probably a community manager, writer, sometimes artist, and coordinator of things, but she’s been told rather emphatically she’s “just a mum.” You can find her running around on Twitch and Twitter as wingedlioness.