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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Until now, every compendium for a system would always be available in every game you launched for that system, regardless of settings. This sometimes created less than ideal experiences. GMs had a difficult time curating the exact experience they envisioned for their players.

That’s why we’re introducing Compendium Selection. It allows game owners to choose exactly which compendiums they want available in a single instance of a game. Want to build a D&D game on Ravnica, without any of the monsters in Mordenkainan’s Tome of Foes? You can do that. Looking to run an introductory game of Call of Cthulhu with just the Quick-Start rules to teach new players? You can do that, too. Even if you want to just share your entire collection for a long and epic multi-session campaign, you can! Compendium Selection lets you curate your game experience so you can finetune the story you want to tell.

Here’s how it works:

On the Game settings page, head to the Compendium Settings section. You’ll see a list of all the compendiums available for the system you’re playing, listed in a table. Just click on a book to toggle the setting between Available and Not Available.

There are three settings:

  • Available for those who own (white)
  • Available and you own (green)
  • Not Available (red).

Any compendium labeled “Available for those who own” will be allowed in the game, even though you don’t own it. You’re allowing others to bring it to the virtual tabletop.

Any compendium labeled “Available and you own” is one you’re bringing to the game. This setting further ties into sharing settings; if you have sharing turned on, you’ll bring it to the virtual tabletop for everyone to use, but if you have compendium sharing turned off, you’ll bring it for your own use, but other players won’t have access (though they can still bring their own copies).

Any compendium labeled “Not Available” will not be included in this instance of the game. This can be a compendium in your collection or one you don’t own. Either way, it and its contents won’t show up in the compendium sidebar for anyone.

Missing a compendium that you want in your game? You can head right to the marketplace from Compendium Selection by clicking the purchase link.

With Compendium Selection, you can build the exact game you want to play. Curate the best compendium for you and your players, build the world you want to explore, and craft the story you want to tell.

You can learn more about this feature in detail by visiting the Roll20 Help Center.

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