Compendium Updated for SRD 5.1 & Art Library Changes Now on Dev

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Greetings Roll20 Community!

Thank you again to all who celebrated Roll20CON with us earlier this month. We were so impressed with your enthusiasm, dedication to play, and willingness to do some good by contributing to Cybersmile, so once again a big thanks to all.

Compendium Updated!

During all of the Roll20CON hubbub, our Compendium Editors Jeff & Michael were busy helping us update the SRD5 Compendium. These amazing volunteers ran through the new System Reference Document from Wizards of the Coast, updating when necessary, including changes/additions to spells, magic items, monsters, and more.

If you are not familiar with the Roll20 SRD5 Compendium or its functionality, you’ll find more information on our blog or wiki.

Now on Dev!

We also wanted to share some exciting details on our next big update for those of you who are not following along on the Pro forums… it’s an overhaul to the image library!

Pro Users can view all of the details on our Pro Forum or head to the Dev Server to test now. Here’s what you can expect from the changes:

Here’s what to expect:

  • Folder structure for your library, nestable down to five levels just like the journal folders.

  • Quick access to your purchased content in an organized fashion.

  • Make copies of your purchased and uploaded assets as many times as you want to sort and organize in your folder structure to best suit your needs.

  • Preview assets by mousing over them.

  • Pop-out folder view for mass tagging, deleting, and moving of assets from folder to folder.

Things you can expect to do:

  • Copy entire sets or individual assets from your purchased Premium Assets to your library for organization and extra search tagging.

  • Alphabetically sort folders.

  • Filter Recent Uploads to only show assets that aren’t already in Your Library.

  • Bulk Delete images from your Recent Uploads to free up Library space. (Warning, this can’t be undone)

  • Select all items in a folder and add or remove a tag from each.

  • Search Your Library, the Marketplace, and the Web with a single search.

Important Note to our Pros! (READ THIS CAREFULLY)

Your image library is shared between both Dev and Main. Although this new feature is on the Dev Server, you are actually organizing and modifying your ACTUAL IMAGE LIBRARY on Main. Please keep in mind that if you delete an upload, you are really deleting it! That means if it is used in a game on Main it will stop working! So be sure that you don’t delete things you might want to keep around just because you are on Dev.

Also note that you may see some tags show up on your Marketplace library on Main that look like this: “f|-abc123”. Just ignore those, once this goes live they will be correctly hidden from view. They are just an internal marker we use to keep track of things.

Pros can test the new Image Library now on the Dev server and leave feedback in the full update thread from Steve.

Have fun and happy gaming!

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