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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Yesterday we rolled out the ability to “Flag” a post in our Looking for Group system in order to speed up the process by which community member can notify us of Code of Conduct and Terms of Service violations. We’ve always been prompt to respond to emails and in-site messages when violations have been brought to our attention, but felt it important to implement this tool to simplify the process.

We’re hopeful that players on Roll20 know that we as company will continue to take matters of pirated, harassing, and otherwise inappropriate content seriously. We’re don’t turn a blind eye to these problems– we take them head on.

Because of our continued dedication to making Roll20 a place where the public content is civil and the private content is consented to by all parties, we’re fortunately able to make changes like the flagging feature in a manner that’s more proactive than it is reactionary. In order to stay on that side of progress, we need the help of our community to identify potential problems before they overtake us.

Keep letting us know when someone acts poorly on the site. And, when examining your own conduct, be sure that others in your adventuring groups agree to and respect each other’s boundaries. Make every effort to get to your games on time and ready to have fun.

Let us handle all the heavy lifting to make it as much fun as possible.

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