Custom Sheet Sandbox Now on the Dev Server!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Greetings Pro subscribers! We have a new feature ready for experimentation on the Dev Server!

We are unveiling a new Custom Sheet Sandbox that will simplify life for our Subscribers who create custom character sheets, and Sheet Authors coding for the community. The Custom Sheet Sandbox allows creators a place to edit and test HTML, CSS, JavaScript that make the Character Sheet work, simplifying gameplay and automating crunchy systems. What’s exciting about this is that sheet files can be uploaded from the hard drive without using the in-browser editor, and the sandbox system reloads character sheets on change without reloading the entire virtual tabletop.

We’ve been using this system internally for the last several months, increasing efficiency by up to 30%.

In more exciting news for Sheet Authors, the Custom Sheet Sandbox also adds a way to test and edit sheet.json files prior to submitting to the Roll20 repository.

And just as exciting, but flashier, this update also includes the highly requested support for Google Fonts for Character Sheets Authors.

If you’re a character sheet creator, please give this new feature a try and share with us what you think.

If you’re not a Pro subscriber yet and want early access to new features like this when they hit the Dev Server, or you want to join us in Roll20’s Pro forums, you can upgrade to a Pro subscription.

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