Custom Token Markers, Here We Come!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


One of the most popular items on our Suggestions Forum has become a reality: say hello to Custom Token Markers!

For a long time, we’ve supplied a basic set of generic token markers that automatically load in every game. But we knew we wanted to support a wide variety of game systems and aesthetics, and your votes showed us that you felt the same way. We’ve added a new Token Marker Library to allow you to create and customize as many sets as you want. There’s also a new feature on the Game Details page that lets you choose which token sets you want to make available in your games!

Along with the new functionality, we also changed the name of this feature from “token status” to “token marker.” (Don’t worry, API Pros: we kept the same “statusmarkers” programming object so this change wouldn’t break your scripts.) This system is often used to indicate a status (like “sleeping” or “poisoned”), but we were inspired by watching our users find other, creative ways to use them in their games. How many fish does Sir Bearington have in their pocket? Maybe your “fish” token marker helps you make Sir Bearington’s pocket inventory both trackable and visible. We’re also aware that some tabletop systems use terms like “condition” instead of “status,” and far be it from us to tell you which word you should use! So Custom Token Markers it is.

Name change aside, you’ll find a lot that’s familiar here. Inside the Virtual Tabletop, your custom token markers will appear in the same token overlay menu as before. Outside it, you can add multiple sets to one game AND re-order them from the Game Details page. To upload your custom token markers in the first place, you’ll want to visit the Token Marker Library (available in the Tools menu) where you can create and manage entire sets of custom token markers. We look forward to seeing what you create!

Today’s update adds:

  • New “Token Marker Library” Tool to manage Token Marker Sets, Token Markers, and include them in your game
  • The basic updates needed to support the interaction with Custom Markers on a Token
  • API Helper function to access the IDs of all Token Markers included in a game (so you Pro users out there can find ways to leverage custom libraries)

View the full Release Notes!

Coming Soon:

  • Token Marker Sets in the Marketplace
  • Ability to copy Token Markers

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