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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


After months of coding, testing, interviews, and feedback our newest major update is now released onto the main server!

There were three main components to this update.

Character Sheets

Game Masters are now able to select a character sheet template for use in their campaign. There are currently forty-five community-created sheets from which to select. Mentors also have the ability to create their own completely customized sheets from HTML and CSS.

For more on Character Sheets, read our preview blog post, and be sure to check out the Wiki page for all the info you need to get up and running with them in your game.

Quantum Roll

We’ve enhanced the formula we use to create random rolling results to now be determined from fluctuations in the power of a split beam of light. You’re also able to see our rolls in action, via this new status page.

Improved Servers

Better hardware behind-the-scenes to speed up using Roll20 for everyone. You should see Roll20 load more quickly, getting you into your games faster.

…and more!

There were hundreds of new improvements and bug fixes in this massive update. You can read the full changelog in the forum post.

As always, our ability to perform updates is enabled by subscriptions… thanks to all of you who help pitch in!

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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