Delve Into the Scarlet Citadel

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


This month, Roll20 is making a selection from Kobold Press’ The Scarlet Citadel adventure module free to all Roll20 users. Scarlet Citadel is a six level dungeon dive that has everything from dwarven mercenaries and their war bred owlbears to malevolent creatures trying to summon their dark gods. In this post, we will be going over the third floor: The Dwarven Barracks that comes free with this adventure:

Setting Up Your Game

Head to the Roll20 Marketplace to claim the Dwarven Barracks module.

Click on the pink button that says “Claim Your Free Module.” Once your package is claimed, click “Create Game With Module.”

Give your game a name and click on the blue “I’m ready, Create Game!” button!

Helpful Pages

Once you’re in the virtual tabletop, click the purple page toolbar button at the top center of your screen, and you’ll find options to go to the Title Page, The Player Lobby, The DM Tutorial, Dwarven Barracks, or Clacking Caverns:

The Player Lobby has pre-generated characters your players can use, which will set them up quickly to start their adventure. Assign the pre-gens to each player as they join the game by double clicking on the token. Drag those tokens to the tavern to the right to get the party gathered around the table!

The DM tutorial has a page full of tips on how to run a module in Roll20 for new DMs. It will show you quickly how to use Dynamic Lighting, Map Overlays, Traps, and more. If you’d like further support, visit our YouTube tutorials or the Roll20 Help Center.

Level 3: The Dwarven Barracks

The Dwarven Barracks is where your free adventure begins. What was once home to one hundred dwarven soldiers and their owlbears more than a century ago has now fallen into the hands of the trollkin. These trollkin are kept in line by Imortra the Debased, a powerful elven wizard.

In the Roll20 module, there are two maps you can access from your page menu. In the journal tab above the chat window, you’ll find character sheets (blank & pre-gens for you to assign to players), tips, shortcuts, the adventure intro, content for Dwarven Barracks (including handouts you can share with you players), as well as drag & drop monsters with clickable character sheets.

This floor of the citadel is not your standard dungeon crawl:

  • The denizens do not sit in one place - they move constantly, keeping the players on their toes.
  • The lich hounds of this floor are adept at sniffing out intruders.
  • Players will need to keep their wits about them and only do short forays into this floor or they may become quickly overwhelmed.
  • Bribing and deal making is always an option.

What Else Lies Below?

There are many more levels to explore in this adventure, and as the adventurers delve deeper into the Scarlet Citadel the challenges become greater. Will your party make it through:

  • The empowered oozes of the Alchemists Furnace on floor 2?
  • The Black River full of unknown danger flowing through floor 5?
  • The Howling Halls filled with magical mystery on the final floor?

If you enjoyed this free sample adventure from Scarlet Citadel, you can get the other levels from Kobold Press on the Roll20 Marketplace. Kobold is also offering 40% discount on a bundle off their best-selling titles.

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