Dev Update 2/25: Improved F/X Tool, Re-Order Repeating Section Rows, & More!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


The Dev Server is a separate server for Roll20 which features the latest developments to the Roll20 application. As new features are created and developed, the Roll20 Dev Team will push them to the Dev Server so that Pro subscribers can use them and give feedback.

Yesterday, our developers pushed out a new update and we are very excited to share those changes with you today!

Improved F/X Tool

Roll20′s newest developer Phil has been hard at work re-working the F/X Tool. A plethora of new F/X options have been added, including multiple color schemes and click-and-drag directional options for some of the tools!

Over the next couple of weeks, improvements to this feature will continue, including the ability to create and share your own custom effects!

Re-Order Repeating Section Rows

Additional options have also been added to the Modify button on a repeating section. Along with the trash can icon for deleting a row, there is a handy move icon on the left-hand side. Click and drag the move icon to move the rows in the repeating section around as you wish!

Additional Details, Bug Fixes, & Miscellaneous

If you are a Pro user looking for more details, take a moment to head over to the forums for Riley’s full changelog and please visit the Dev Server to help us test out these new changes before we send them to the main site!

And if you’re not a Pro user, you can always join us and help test new features like this one by upgrading your account by visiting our Subscription page!

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