DnD Digest's Pamana: Ring of Fire, a New Spotlight Premiere!



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Desperate conquerors, ruthless deities, blood-thirsty monsters, and mortal guardians clash for dominance. Pamana: Ring of Fire is a D&D 5e campaign inspired by East and Southeast Asian folklore and culture.

Will our heroes choose a side or pave their own way? What is the mysterious Ring of Fire. Why does it haunt our heroes?

Get to know each hero as they explore their individual backstories with one-on-one sessions, all leading up to Episode 1 of Pamana: Ring of Fire.

Join along for a journey inspired by historical events that parallel issues we deal with to this day.

written by Andre of DnD Digest

The premiere was this Thursday, June 10 during the actual Ring of Fire eclipse and new episodes air every Thursday at 5pm Pacific Time!

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