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I founded Dungeons on a Dime (or DOAD) to help folx get into roleplaying games- a mission I have approached from all angles. The adventures, guides and resources DOAD make are inclusively-written and read for sensitivity, and aimed at readers of all experience levels. DOAD works exclusively with marginalized, young and/or entry-level creatives, helping them progress their careers.


Adventures on a Dime (or AOAD) is a rules-light system, perfect for new game masters and players alike! Everything you need to play is contained in four pages, and it’s written in clear English with examples. My goal when writing AOAD was to make a simple entry-point that introduced a lot of the common concepts and mechanics of larger TTRPGs. I’m proud of its simplicity, and how flexible it is at handling stories of all genres.

In AOAD, you play as an Adventurer. An Adventurer’s potential is measured with three abilities: Cunning, Vigour and Willpower. Each ability is represented by a die, which you roll when using that ability to resolve problems and handle dangerous situations. Adventurers can learn the skills for any job you can imagine. Conflicts of any kind (such as arguments or combat) are resolved quickly, allowing your story to flow quickly.

AOAD and Roll20

You can now get an automated character sheet, rollable Ability Checks, and a custom playmat for your games in Roll20. And it’s all free!

Beast Fables - Roll20 Spotlight Program

Dive into the Bristley Woods, a giant forest filled with tiny beasts. This delightful and daring show follows the characters of Balthazar (a knighted toad) and Pipistrelle (a messenger bat) as they try to make their way home. Using the AOAD system and playing on Roll20, Beast Fables is a great way to see how the system works, and fall in love with a charismatic host of beastly heroes!


Guest blog written by Brian Tyrrell

Roll20 Presents Recap:

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  • Tabletop Tabletalk – did you catch the premiere of our brand new game master talkshow with Gabe James Games? Be sure to join him live Fridays at 10am PT and don’t miss an episode over on YouTube.

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