Dynamic Lighting Unlocked: Summer Camp 2021



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Start packing your bags, it’s almost time to head to Summer Camp! Starting July 9, we are giving you ten days of unlocked Dynamic Lighting for all games, a free 5E adventure set up with Dynamic lighting, and live demos to help you get the most out of Roll20’s most beloved subscription feature! Here is a breakdown of what you can expect:

The Camp Clearwater Massacre – a FREE 5E Adventure:

FREE lighting tokens for Plus/Pro Subscribers:

  • 12 items and spells by Moonlight Maps.
  • Addon with tokens already set up with Dynamic Lighting.
  • Also available as tokens sans lighting within your Art Library.

Live oneshot with Roll20 staff:

  • Gabe Hicks will be leading some of the Roll20 staff through The Camp Clearwater Massacre!
  • Sunday, July 11 at 4 pm PT on
  • A perfect chance to see the player perspective in Dynamic Lighting and the adventure in action.

New tutorial resources:

In a little under a week, we will be heading to Summer Camp so be sure to follow along with Marcie, one of the brand new counselors for Camp Clearwater, over on Twitter, and join in the fun yourself with #CampRoll2021!

See you July 9th, campers.

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