Explore the Skies and Seas with December’s Roll20 Reserve Item!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Riding in on the cold winds of December comes a new item from Roll20 Reserve! Or should we say items? The Airship & Galleon Combo Pack by Tom Cartos contains 2 separate multi-level vessels, made up of 9 individual maps each! Those maps come in Day, Night, Unfurnished & Transparent Background variants, and you’ll also find 12 swappable background textures and 126 unique assets to customize the ships to your crews’ content. It’s a veritable bounty of booty!

Introducing your two vessels:

The Endless Horizon - The Endless Horizon is one of the fastest sea- and sky-faring vessels of its size, able to be run by a relatively small crew and more than capable in a fight. With an arcane engine designed and crafted by an exceptionally gifted artificer, combined with a set of enormous retractable wing-like sails, there’s almost nowhere on sea or land that this unique craft cannot explore.

The Storm’s Call - During its long years, the Storm’s Call has been owned by a variety of vagabonds, each augmenting the vessel with their own upgrades. The largest and most recent of those enhancements is an enormous canvas balloon, as large and wide as the ship itself, that floats gently above in place of sails. At sea, this functions much in the same way as the sails would, but it gives the ship a huge advantage over many of its counterparts–flight!

You’ll also find 126 unique assets with which to deck out your new ships, including:

-Artillery & Ammunition

-Luggage & Cargo

-Rigging & Sails

-Boats & Oars

-Hammocks & Bunks

-Engines & Propellers

-Maps & Charts

-Anchors & Steering Wheels

And more!

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