Explorer Mode Updates

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Updated Dynamic Lighting’s Explorer Mode paints a clear and valuable picture of your character’s surroundings on the tabletop, both in what it shows and what it hides. We’ve recently made some updates that add more granularity to that.

The appearance of Explorer Mode is now a bit different to help you differentiate between the currently Lit Area and the previously Explored Area. Take a look below:

Previously, Explorer Mode was much more binary: Either something was visible, or it wasn’t. This made it hard to tell a character’s current line of sight from the area they had already explored and sometimes made adventuring feel more like filling out a map than diving deep into a dark, damp dungeon. See below:

This is a cosmetic change that we hope will add extra texture to your dungeon crawls and various other excursions. As you plumb the depths of your surroundings on the virtual tabletop, don’t forget to check over your shoulder— something could be trailing not far behind you, in the shadows.

Interested in seeing what other updates we’ve made this week? Head to our release notes to read about bug fixes, updates to character sheets, and more:

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