Fog & Function Update is Live!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


This morning, our rad developers pushed the new Fog & Function update live! This is a big one, with several exciting new features and improvements:

Advanced Fog of War

This brand new feature clears away fog dynamically as tokens move across the virtual tabletop. Each token’s path is individually recorded, so each Player’s view of the tabletop will vary from person to person, depending on which tokens they have control over. Similar to how a battle map is revealed in a real-time strategy computer game, the area that the token moves out of remains revealed to the players in desaturated colors until they return.

Watch this video to see this new feature in action, and learn how to use it.

Use the new wiki to begin learning more about Advanced Fog of War. If you experience any issues with this new feature, please let us know in the bug forum thread!

5th Edition OGL Character Sheet version 2.0

The official Roll20 character sheet for D&D 5E has gone through a major overhaul, adding tons of bookkeeping options and more.

For the full details of the updates to the sheet, watch this video!

You can also read Lead Developer Steve’s forum post to learn more about what’s included in this sheet update.

Official Dungeon World Character Sheet & Compendium

We also have an official Dungeon World character sheet and Compendium, now on Roll20! Try out these fantastic new features in your next Dungeon World game, and post your feedback in this forum thread!

Official GUMSHOE Character Sheet

We now have an official GUMSHOE character sheet available on Roll20. The sheet works for both Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents. Try it out and let us know what you think on this forum thread!

5E Compendium Updates

We also launched updates for the Compendium, which means you can now access completely modifiable lists for every category. Learn more about the bells and whistles in this forum thread.

Happy Gaming!

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