Guest Blog: plot ARMOR and the Tragic Power of the Protagonist

Orion Black

Orion Black

Guest Contributor

I’m the creator of plot ARMOR.

It’s a ttrpg solo journaling game about death, the burden of responsibility, and mecha anime. You play as the main character in your mecha universe where a few things are true:

  • You and your ARMOR will evolve and change together
  • You are the protagonist of your story
  • You cannot die.

At every point that others would perish, you, instead, become aware of a new power. And while in mecha anime this is often an accomplishment, the reality of plot ARMOR is inevitable tragedy. Rather than a natural death, you will remain a weapon until plot decides that you are no longer chosen. This means seeing friends and loved ones fall where you shall not. It means that your power is not truly your own. It is the will of the universe, and a tool by which a story is told.

What does power mean to you? What is your ARMOR? And what becomes of a person who realizes that choice is a lie? Immortality, or plot ARMOR, isn’t inherently a sign of life. Only of continued existence. It is you who decides what happens between this seemingly endless life of war, and the temporarily unknown realization of death.

This ttrpg is played alone, and it’s played with a journal. Roll20 has made the process even easier by bringing together the game’s system and a space for you to do your journaling, making the flow of the game much more seamless. It’s that fluidity between the game and your writing that will hopefully further support what is meant to be an intimate experience with yourself. Being that you are solo, whatever you wish to explore through the game can be explored. Break all of the rules if it means that you achieve what you desire. plot ARMOR is a vehicle for your own enjoyment, nothing more. Whether you come to some deep philosophical breakthrough, or just enjoy smashing robots with your own robot, the game is made for you.

So, like the game says, live until you die. That means more than it might at first appear.

Orion Black Guest Contributor

Orion D Black is a creative who works in the entertainment industry, largely adjacent to tabletop roleplaying games. They hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, but currently live in the Pacific Northwest. Orion has two self-published games hosted on, writing credits in several Wizards of the Coast products, and is currently Creative Director for Dimension 20 on Dropout TV.