Humblewood is coming to Roll20, Summer 2020

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


That’s right; the cozy world of Humblewood will be available on Roll20 this summer! Hit Point Press and Roll20 have partnered to bring you this lush campaign setting with the quality conversion you have come to expect from our official Marketplace products.

This is a conversion of the entire Humblewood Campaign Setting, featuring all the extra content from the successful Kickstarter campaign bundled together in one easy purchase!

Humblewood takes place in the woodland world of Everden, home to a menagerie of walking and talking animals dressed to the nines and making their own ways in a mysterious and perilous world!

Play as one of 5 core Birdfolk species, such as the crow-like Corvum, hawk-like Raptor, or owl-like Strig. As part of the extra content, 5 additional Humblefolk species are also ready for play, such as the deer-like Cervan, hedgehog-like Hedge or fox-like Vulpin.

Of course, danger lurks in the wood, and any adventurer has heard tales of beasts, slimes, and even sea monsters lurking in the depths. Fire, too, is a unique foe in Everden, spawning such creatures as emberbats and ashsnakes, deep in the Scorched Grove.

Adventures and Side Quests from the main campaign book and Kickstarter will be fully converted onto the VTT, ready to sweep you right into the world.

Loving the incredible art from Hit Point Press? Check out their current Kickstarter, featuring a Roll20 tier with fantastic animated tokens once it hits 800k! This Kickstarter is available until June 11th, 2020.

Preen your feathers, smooth your fur, or shine your antlers: The world of Everden comes to Roll20 soon! The preorder is available now for $49.99 USD on the Roll20 Marketplace.

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