I Say Goodbye, They Say Hello

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Today we have a very sweet and a very bittersweet announcement! First, the bittersweet: I will soon be moving on from Roll20 and embarking on a new journey. My last day will be November 3, and I already miss you all SO MUCH.

I’ve had a wonderful time at Roll20. I’ve worked with talented, passionate people, made friends, and played A LOT of games. It’s so hard to leave—especially since we’re a small, tightknit team with a ton of responsibilities and a huge, engaged community. So I was nervous about creating a gap in our ranks by leaving—which leads me neatly to our very sweet announcement:

We’ve made two new hires!

Meet CeeJay, Roll20’s new social content manager (and the face behind most of our social media platforms):

Hi all, I’m CeeJay. I like hippos, comic books, and Beyoncé. Let’s be friends!

We’re also joined by Alex, Roll20’s new community manager:

Hey there, I’m Alex! I like playing games, making art and colorful snapbacks. You may pet my handsome twin cats, probably.

Alex is talented and creative, and I’m so relieved to have them take over the bulk of my brand management duties. I’m confident in their ability to keep Roll20 churning away towards our collaborative shiny, happy future.

As I head out on a new adventure, I feel incredibly lucky for the exciting, inspiring (sometimes terrifying) time I’ve spent at Roll20. I’m grateful for the road behind me, and stoked to take my first steps on a new path.

As always, happy gaming!

-Suzanne, Brand Manager

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