Imagine D&D – But Make it PvP!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Iniciativa+4 runs the most unique way to play Dungeons & Dragons: a weekly Battle Royale! Players sign up to face off against one another on a battle map. Each win can get them more in-game gear and goodies to help them in their quest to be the last one standing. The GMs use Dynamic Lighting, macros, APIs, and more to enhance the player and viewer experience in unprecedented ways. Their summer league began on June 14 so it’s the perfect time to check them out.

Sundays | 12pm PT (7pm UTC) |

This week, _Lost Mine of Phandelver _discovered that being level 1 D&D characters is really, really hard. Indoor Recess worked to prove that their crew deserves to be Theros’s newest heroes, and Learning Roll20 went over Macros and more. Catch up over on YouTube.

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Roll20 is the all-in-one solution for organizing and playing tabletop games online, allowing you to play your games anywhere and share them with anyone virtually. With the ability to choose from a number of popular titles built ready for your virtual tabletop, your adventures are limitless and you can get started playing with little to no prep. Dive into advanced features like Dynamic Lighting or explore macros and APIs to add some extra depth to your game. Roll20 lets you play your tabletop games, your way.