Improved Player Directory, Roll Templates

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


We’ve refocused the Player Directory to help GMs and groups find players who want to start playing right away and have recently indicated that they want to join a game. After a time your Player Directory listing will now expire and you’ll receive a notification to update the games you’re interested in playing. This system will keep the Player Directory listings current.

We’ve also added a new site wide user search. From the Player Directory you can search for other users based on their display name or their exact email address. This means if you have your GM’s email address but can’t find him or her on Roll20, you can pull them up through the Player Directory and connect.

For those users who do not want to be publicly listed there is now an Opt Out feature in your profile. However, be warned that opting out will make it impossible for other users to find you in the Player Directory or look you up as a Private Message recipient.

We’ve additionally improved Roll Templates; previously the rollTotal() function allowed you to conditionally show elements of a roll template if a roll resulted in a particular number. Now you can also rollGreater(), rollLess(), and rollBetween().

For more on these changes, check out the related forum posting.

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