In Which We Get “The Strange”…

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


We’re incredibly excited to announce modules for Monte Cook Games’ Cypher System game The Strange.

Firstly, there’s a full Roll20 conversion of “The Curious Case of Tom Mallard,” an adventure from _The Strange _Corebook (which comes as a bundled PDF with this purchase). In this adventure, players are tasked to shake up a local recursion miner (a dimension hopper) who has suspiciously gone inactive. The quest for Tom will lead players to the recursion of Ardeyn, a recursion governed by magic, and eventually delve into ancient ruins to find their target’s whereabouts. The game presents a modern earth setting that can, and is expected, to transport players to fantasy and sci-fi dimensions, as well as your favorite fictional worlds of film, television, and literature.

Next, there’s “The Dark Spiral.” In this campaign, a hot new recreational drug dubbed Spiral Dust has hit the streets. Addicts keep disappearing without a trace and all signs point that this drug is from The Strange. You are a member of a team of newly seasoned agents for The Estate. Your first mission: Bust the local trafficker of this hallucinogenic. Little does The Estate know that this new designer drug is the least of Earth’s problems as this bust leads to an unraveling of a plot that could destroy our recursion!

“The Dark Spiral,” written by co-creator Bruce R. Cordell is an adventure that spans multiple recursion hops from Earth to Ardeyn, Ruk, Crow Hollow and beyond. A perfect first adventure for newcomers to Monte Cook Game’s The Strange. If you’ve also purchased The Strange core campaign, “The Curious Case of Tom Mallard” can be made to fit within the span of “The Dark Spiral” adventure.

Pretty awesome, huh? BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!

Because we know there are many folks out there already playing this game as well as those who might want to sample before they try, we’ve arranged this free Starter Pack. This pack gives you the tools to run a session of The Strange within Roll20, particularly if you follow along with our related wiki guide.

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to longtime community member, moderator, and contractor extraordinaire Kristin Carlson for all her work bringing these works to life here at Roll20. Her willingness to handle point on these conversions allowed us to keep plugging away on making the overall tabletop great while she made certain to create the best possible The Strange experience in our interface.

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