Indoor Recess Returns For #GenerationFantasy



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The Indoor Recess Crew is filled with the some of the best troublemakers in TTRPGs, their credits include: Rivals Of Waterdeep, Critical Role, Plot Hunters, Dungeon Rats, Tales From The Mists, Dimension 20, Stir Friday Nights, and Dungeons Dice & Everything Nice.

On March 23, they will be premiering an entirely homebrewed D&D actual play campaign: Generation Fantasy. The show follows the story of four teenagers who discover that their hometown of Jenkins, Nebraska, has been transported to a fantasy realm.

Want to see them build their new fantasy realm? Watch this week’s Companions’ Tale stream, where they play the brand-new-to-Roll20 map-making game and build Ephemerealm.

Want to learn more about Jenkins, Nebraska? Make sure you’re subscribed to the Roll20 Youtube Channel, so you can catch the Jenkins world-building video coming out Tuesday, March 16.

Want to help shape the story? Join KM the DM every Friday on at 6PM PT for Campaign Prep – beginning March 12!

Don’t miss the series premiere on March 23rd at 7PM PT over on! You’ll want to be able to tell your friends that you found this show first. Until then, you can look for more updates and general shenanigans over on their twitter.

written by KM the DM

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