Introducing the Character Vault

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Today we’ve rolled out a new premium feature to the Dev Server for Mentors to begin testing, and we wanted to give the whole community a quick preview of it. We’re calling it the “Character Vault”.

The main purpose of the Vault is to allow you to bring your Characters with you between games. Both players and GMs alike will be able to “store” Characters from their existing games inside their Vault, and then later export those Characters exactly as they were (including all notes, attributes, character sheet, etc.) into another game.

For players, this is great for both one-shots where you already have a Character ready to go, and for society-style organized play where you keep the same Character between each game session, improving it as the season goes on. It’s also great for GMs, giving them a central place to begin storing pieces of their games that they may want to re-use (such as an interesting NPC or monster type).

In the future, our plan is to support storing many different types of Roll20 Campaign objects in the Vault (such as decks, pages, handouts, etc.) But for now we’re focusing on Characters because we know this is the most-requested feature for the new sheets system.

If you’re a Mentor, you can begin testing this new feature today and giving us feedback. If you’re not a Mentor, consider upgrading to get in on the action. Thanks!

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