Leftovers & Chill: Rollvember 2020 Schedule

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Looking for entertainment while you finish up your shopping, bake your cookies, or eat your leftovers? Come celebrate Rollvember with us! We’re streaming our way through the end of the year while you sit back, relax, and celebrate the very real and not-at-all made-up 13th month of the year. Support us in raising money for Code2040’s initiative to break down racial barriers in tech. We’ll be matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000.

*All times listed are in PT

Friday, 12/18

6:15 pm: Slices & Dices from Roll20 Spotlight

6:00 pm: Indoor Recess and the Home Alone Hijinks. Join Carlos, TK, Katie Mae, C’loni & Masood as they loot the McAllister home, trying to survive Kevin’s wrath. Every $100 raised adds a trap to the house!

Saturday, 12/19

11:00 am: Three Black Halflings play a Christmas edition of For the Queen! Aabria Iyengar, Jeremy Cobb, Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo, and Jasper William Cartwright are about to find out who is the most LOYAL reindeer of all! Join them as they play a For The Queen hack where each reindeer has to decide for themselves whether they stick with Santa… or go down in history.

5:00 pm: Stir Friday Night plays Gamma World. Join Masood Haque, Ben Cummings, Harrison Hapin, Joan Moon, Erica Geiser, and Xu. Stir Friday Nights leave behind the post-apocalyptic world of Balikbayan to instead play in the post-apocalyptic setting Gamma World! Consistently hilarious and consistently post-apocalyptic, join them for a hell of a good time.

Sunday, 12/20

__2:00 pm: __Carnelian King runs Burn Bryte with Celeste, Gabe & Lysa.

Monday, 12/21

2:00 pm: Join Bee and Tracy of The Broadswords alongside Adam-ali, Daniel Kwan, and Drak as they explore Olaxis in a game of Burn Bryte. $5 to give advantage or a small item. $10 Bee eats a beanboozled; $25 Tracy has to do a bunch of pushups; $50 Someone has to go one a date with the ship. Please make them date a ship!

6:15 pm: Slices & Dices from Roll20 Spotlight

5:00 pm: They’re not only Heroes of the Storm – they’re heroes of D&D! Join Gabe Hicks, Sidkitten, Martianbob, Tetcher & TBK from Chillrogg and friends from Wisdom’s Heroes CCL to play some D&D.

Evening: Rude Tales of Magic Chats for a live Q & A session!

Tuesday, 12/22

2:00 pm: Ross Thompson and Ruel Gaviola bring double the board games with Eric Yurko, Monique Bishop & Heidi Smith playing Blank Slate and Hues and Cues!

5:00 pm: Deborah Ann Woll doesn’t just act, write & play RPGs. She loves board games just like us, and she’s going to be running some tonight with Mary Howard, Daniel Montgomery, Janina Gavankar and Krystina Arielle.

Wednesday, 12/23

2:00 pm: Explore the dangerous world of Kobold PressTome of Beasts 2 with LittleRedDot, Lauren Erwin, Bee Zelda, Drak and Trooper !

5:00 pm: Participate in Mike Udall, Caleb Snarr, Khalif Hashim, Amber, and Skylar Mulder’s D&D game! There’s a help/harm meter that will affect the party based on donations, or impact rolls (advantage/disadvantage due to ‘magic’), and the final encounter will also gain help or add more enemies and things based on that meter!

Saturday, 12/26

2:00 pm: Salty Sweet Games’ Against The Stars crew plays an original Honey Heist hack set in Burn Bryte’s Olaxis Galaxy with a special twist! Every $25 give a wallaby a snack AKA a random PC gets a re-roll; every $50, chat comes up with another complication/twist to add to the heist; every $75, all wallabies get a snack AKA all PCs get a re-roll; every $100, we give away a Burn Bryte bundle!

5:00 pm: Queuetimes with Bee Zelda, Jake, Rick & Kaitlin are playing Scum & Villainy with interactive giveaways!

6:00 pm: Featherfall Tabletop plays D&D with Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

Sunday, 12/27

2:00 pm: “Help” Pixel Circus play D&D! Saige Ryan, Kailey Bray, Xander Jeanneret, Gina DeVivo, Anthony Carboni, Vince Caso & Aabria Iyengar are giving the audience so much power! $10 gets a reroll; $25 is a useless magical item; $35 is a confessional; $50 for a seat at the bar; $100 a bar fight!

5:00 pm: Mike Pondsmith, John Kovaleski, Noura Ibrahim, Luke Gygax, Beast & Jason Azevedo play Cyberpunk RED. We’re only flipping out a teeny, tiny bit about this one.

6:00 pm: Featherfall Tabletop plays D&D with Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

8:00 pm: Join Dungeons, Dice, and Everything Nice to help them create the best (or worst) Rollvember memories!

Monday, 12/28

1:00 pm: Hang out with Chaos Initiative for an all-intro session! Ask the cast questions and enjoy a full episode of pure chaotic goodness that is Aabria, Aki, Gabe, Dave, and Elf.

4:00 pm: Join Asians Represent for the final Rollvember stream of 2020, where they play Evil Hat’s For the Queen!

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