Live on Dev - Character Sheet Improvements, Chat & Jukebox Pop-Out, & more!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Our development server saw some new updates today and these changes are heading to the main site very soon. Below you’ll find a quick overview of what is to come!

__ Character Sheet Worker Scripts__

One of the main highlights of today’s update is a totally new feature for character sheet authors. Character Sheet Worker Scripts are pieces of JavaScript that sheet authors can write to execute when events occur. These workers only run in response to events, so sheets using this new feature only re-calculate fields when they actually change, greatly speeding up the performance of calculation-heavy sheets.

Better Repeating Sections Support

We’ve also enhanced our support for repeating sections in sheets, including full support for default values, the ability to drag-and-drop a roll button from a repeating section on a sheet to your Macro Quick Bar, and more.

Pop-Out Chat and Jukebox

Pop-out Chat is officially out of Alpha, and fully functioning on Dev. We’ve also added Pop-Out Jukebox for even easier control over your soundscapes. Double click the icons to pop!

A few miscellaneous fixes also came to Dev, including a fix to the Master Volume slider allowing it to now save its position between sessions.

Pro users can see the full update summary on our forums now and access the changes by visiting the Development Server. If you are interested in giving us feedback during testing you’ll want to hop into the forum post now - this update is coming to main in very soon!

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